Starting with Supply Chain Management as the Mega-Process in all manufacturing and distributing companies, Dr. Partsch & Partner embraces the concept of "Total Product Life Cycle Management". This means that every product has a beginning (raw material) and an end (waste), but the waste can be the start of another life cycle, e.g. in the form of energy, the so-called "Waste to Energy" concept.     


Many great inventions and patents are not moving into markets just like that. This is a long and tough process since many different phases are to be considered and many different skills are needed.   


Dr. Partsch & Partner has its roots in physics, natural sciences, logistics and engineering to be very well equipped for the judgment of which new technology fits best into the programs or processes of our clients including the best fitting supply chain operations.


Our Activities:

  • We analyze the main strategic goals for using a new technology.
  • We create a concept and a business case for the implementation of a new technology.
  • We find the right technology and provider to outperform the competition, save money and protect the environment by reducing the environmental footprint.
  • We build processes to comply with ESG, CSDDD, and other upcoming regulations.
  • We support the transformation process during installation of the new technology.
  • We take responsibility wherever it is needed and demanded.



We provide an innovative technology in the areas of "Waste-to-Energy" and "Waste-to-Chemicals" with significant advantages over established processes:


See source: Waste to Energy technology on ITPP (

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